Thursday, 25 August 2011

Anyhow, back to the brewing! :)

Back in june a brewed a Woodefordes "nelsons revenge" 2 can kit i bottled it around the 25 of June and ANNOYINGLY after 2 months in the bottle its STILL CLOUDY!
you would have thought muntons (the kits maker) would have sorted this problem out by now, as usual for a muntons 2 can, it stuck at 1.020. and now im on the 6 month wait to be able to drink it! this is somewhat of a joke IMHO, as a coopers beer is usually fermented out in 7-8 days, cleared in the bottle after a week and drinkable a week later!

soo what is the problem then? well IMHO its the yeast there using, so as an experiment my next 2 can kit will be brewed using Danstar Nottingham yeast, and im going to bin the kit yeast! ill be sure to let you know how it turns out!

anyhow, I have filled both fermenters this week, FV1 has been filled with youngs harvest pilsner lager on the recommendation of a man at work! he reckoned it was "excellent, the best I have done yet!" he proclaimed, so i made it up with 1Kg of white house sugar and 500Grms of medium spraymalt.... its fermenting like a goodun so well see in a week or 2!

FV2 however has been filled with Ditches stout. made from a coopers stout kit with 1Kg of spraymalt and a "cup" of house sugar it really needs nothing more, and is a superb pint!

cheers chaps!


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