Saturday, 30 April 2011

Im sorry.. I just didnt realize!

Bloody hell, I cant beleive I haven't posted on here sine last November! sorry folks, my bad...

Anyhow, Its all been happening on the brewing front recently. after a quiet few months, i really laid back into in January doing a mix of the usual coopers stuff, with the odd "other" thrown in! only one of the "others" turned into drain cleaner :( It was a Geordie bitter (ok so no great loss) it was horrid and thin but tasted OK at bottling, but tasted worse and worse as time went on! by the time i had 20 bottles left, they were so bad I sinked them, the taste was AWFUL!

desperate times call for desperate measures, so i soaked ALL my kit in bleach overnight then rinsed and star-sanned the lot! anyhow, luckily its been all right since!

there have been some new additions to the brewery too....... I have acquired (on long term borrow) a king keg bottom tap, superb for my every day beer! saves on a load of messing around with bottles ETC..

I have also gained a second fermenter, now I can brew 80 pints at once! this now means i sohould be able to lay some stock down as well as doing specials around Christmas ETC without disturbing my regular pattern of brewing!

anyhow, there you go.... fully updated!

bye for now