Thursday, 25 August 2011

Anyhow, back to the brewing! :)

Back in june a brewed a Woodefordes "nelsons revenge" 2 can kit i bottled it around the 25 of June and ANNOYINGLY after 2 months in the bottle its STILL CLOUDY!
you would have thought muntons (the kits maker) would have sorted this problem out by now, as usual for a muntons 2 can, it stuck at 1.020. and now im on the 6 month wait to be able to drink it! this is somewhat of a joke IMHO, as a coopers beer is usually fermented out in 7-8 days, cleared in the bottle after a week and drinkable a week later!

soo what is the problem then? well IMHO its the yeast there using, so as an experiment my next 2 can kit will be brewed using Danstar Nottingham yeast, and im going to bin the kit yeast! ill be sure to let you know how it turns out!

anyhow, I have filled both fermenters this week, FV1 has been filled with youngs harvest pilsner lager on the recommendation of a man at work! he reckoned it was "excellent, the best I have done yet!" he proclaimed, so i made it up with 1Kg of white house sugar and 500Grms of medium spraymalt.... its fermenting like a goodun so well see in a week or 2!

FV2 however has been filled with Ditches stout. made from a coopers stout kit with 1Kg of spraymalt and a "cup" of house sugar it really needs nothing more, and is a superb pint!

cheers chaps!


Friday, 12 August 2011


I have done some digging tonight on the "online homebrew company" and "brew it yourself" and made frankly SHOCKING discoveries!

for starters "the online homebrew company" IS NOT a registered company name with companies house. HOWEVER....

"brew it yourself" is! And it would seem Damon Parsons (the MD) hasn't filed any accounts for the business, and they have been declared INSOLVENT for the second time!



Anyhow, im yet to find a phone number for Damon, so if you have one I would appreciate it being passed my way!

Oh and while im at it, if you want to ask Damon anything here is his FACEBOOK profile.... :)

thanks chaps, keep the info coming!


Thursday, 11 August 2011

Homebrew shops ONLINE!

There is a plethora of choice when it comes to Online HB suppliers now (from now on referred to as OHBS) most are good, some are EXCELLENT (hop and grape and the thrifty shopper to name 2). And then there are are some that simply excel!

The store I am about name to excels in EVERY way, It excels at APPALLING CUSTOMER SERVICE, it excels at RIPPING PEOPLE OFF, they excel at LYING TO CUSTOMERS and most of all they excel at NOT BEING ABLE TO TAKE CRITICISM.

some of you will have already guessed who i am talking about, but for the benefit of those struggling i am of course talking about "brew it yourself" and its other aliases!

Brew it
the online homebrew

I am reading all over the internet forums how this company treats it customers. Taking money from accounts and not shipping goods. NO customer service phone number, banning CUSTOMERS from their own online forum for asking questions like "where's my order" and then what is in my opinion, possibly the biggest faux pax. Threatening blog and forum owners with legal action for criticising the company in public!

Oh and dont take my word for it, go have a look on trustpilot!

anyhow, if you are a customer of the above shops PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch this space. things could be about to get VERY interesting!

Oh and before i go, here is some info for those looking! courtesy of who is!

Domain name:

Registrant: D Parsons
Trading as: D Parsons
Registrant type: UK Individual
Registrant's address: The registrant is a non-trading individual who has opted to have their address omitted from the WHOIS service.
Note that is ILLEGALLY listed as a non trading individual! im sure nominet will love to find out about this!

however his other domain is registered correctly!
Domain name:       

Registrant: The Online Shopping Company
Registrant type: UK Limited Company, (Company number: 6958394)
Registrant's address: Unit 4 Parkside
Southend On Sea
United Kingdom
if anyone has anything they would like to share, the contact me at

and do PLEASE keep watching this space!



Saturday, 30 April 2011

Im sorry.. I just didnt realize!

Bloody hell, I cant beleive I haven't posted on here sine last November! sorry folks, my bad...

Anyhow, Its all been happening on the brewing front recently. after a quiet few months, i really laid back into in January doing a mix of the usual coopers stuff, with the odd "other" thrown in! only one of the "others" turned into drain cleaner :( It was a Geordie bitter (ok so no great loss) it was horrid and thin but tasted OK at bottling, but tasted worse and worse as time went on! by the time i had 20 bottles left, they were so bad I sinked them, the taste was AWFUL!

desperate times call for desperate measures, so i soaked ALL my kit in bleach overnight then rinsed and star-sanned the lot! anyhow, luckily its been all right since!

there have been some new additions to the brewery too....... I have acquired (on long term borrow) a king keg bottom tap, superb for my every day beer! saves on a load of messing around with bottles ETC..

I have also gained a second fermenter, now I can brew 80 pints at once! this now means i sohould be able to lay some stock down as well as doing specials around Christmas ETC without disturbing my regular pattern of brewing!

anyhow, there you go.... fully updated!

bye for now