Sunday, 1 August 2010

Bloody Wherry...

The wherry i feel is a disaster, its been the bottle 3 weeks and still showing no sign of clearing :( reading between the lines on some homebrew forums it seems this is a common problem, needless to say i wont be wherrying again!!

in other news, the coopers IPA is a cracking drink, cleared in under a week and im drinking it as i type this, its bloomin SUPERB, to say it tasted shite straight out of the fermenter too I didn't hold much hope for it, but cleared and primed its VERY moreish!!

Next up a little experiment as a precursor to a bigger experiment.... My biggest critic (my dad) was complaining that i don't do a strong beer...... well that is over, as im going to do a youngs harvest Yorkshire bitter kit with 1kilo of enhancer and 1 kilo of sugar.... that should be strong enough!!