Thursday, 15 July 2010

Next up...

I finally bottled my wherry a few days ago, as an experiment I used a half teaspoon of sugar as opposed to the usual quarter. im just experimenting to see the affect on the head and what its like with a little more fizz in it, ill be sure to let you know the results as soon as its ready!!

This has sadly left me with an empty fermenter and nothing to put in it, leading to a few days of shall I shan't I ETC ETC.. after the disaster I had midweek breaking both my thermometer AND my hydrometer and the need to replace them AND buy a kit and enhancer busting my budget of around £20 i had to take drastic action...

I had a look on the website of "the thrifty shopper" for inspiration on my next kit, and to my surprise the coopers free enhancer offer is STILL on!! woohoo!! this meant i could replace my broken instruments with what i saved on not buying enhancer. So I opted for a coopers IPA new instruments, some bottle tops and the free enhancer add to that the P+P and the whole lot was a smidge over £21!! WINNER!! the fact the delivery is next day too makes it double win!!

So if you reading this thrifty shopper, thanks!! I will be back again for more!!



Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Turbo cider...

I have finally had chance to start my TC, been meaning to have a go for flipping ages!!

it really is the simplest stuff in the world, my recipe:-

5L tesco pressed apple juice, 250 gram of sugar, cup of tea (2 bags) and some high alcohol wine yeast

warm a litre of the juice up on the stove and dissolve the sugar within, add to a sanitised demijohn along with the tea and top up with the remaining juice, stir it well and chuck the a teaspoon of yeast on the top, stir again fit airlock. SIMPLES!!

I had a starting gravity of 1058 so it should produce something around 7.5%!!



Friday, 2 July 2010

well folks.

Its good news, the coopers lager hadn't stuck and has come down to a final gravity of 1.004 giving me a lager that is around 4% ABV. WIN!!

ill most likely bottle this tomorrow, with about a teaspoon of sugar in each bottle for priming!!

I cant wait to try this one, although i cant wait to get my woodefordes wherry on next either!!


Thursday, 1 July 2010

Yet more success from a kit!!

Well today i finally decided to try my John bull best bitter, and its superb!! not as strong as the youngs Yorkshire bitter, but plenty of body and strong enough to be a decent pint it was well worth the £9 in tescos for the kit. as usual i have used a kilo of kit enhancer and it has produced a nice golden bitter.

im afraid its not all good news though, my coopers aussie lager has stuck in fermentation :( all i need it to do is drop 0.08 point on the hydrometer and it will be ready, im currently stuck on 1.016 so i think a good rousing of the yeast off the bottom tomorrow might help things on a bit, ill keep you all posted on this!!

anyhow, happy brewing!!

Cheers. B..