Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Homebrew... what do i need to start??

EVERYONE who has sampled my first brew so far has been impressed enough to want to have a go themselves. how many of them actually do remains to be seen, but the question they all ask me what they need to get going!

Well a big bucket (5 gallon), a long spoon, and a kettle is all that you really need to do a kit brew. but a thermometer and a hydrometer are bloody useful tools too! i have a smaller 2 gallon food grade bucket too that can make life a bit easyer, but ultimately this is it equipment wise!!

as for the method, I mix my fermentables (spray malt or kit enhancer) in the 2 gallon bucket with 2 kettles full of boiling water. I prep the kit can by standing it in a pan of boiling water from the kettle while i do all the other jobs and then tip this in the fermenter with a kettle full of boiling water to swill the can out then i mix this up in the fermenter REALLY vigorously and add the pre mixed fermentables. i then thrash it some more to get a good foamy head on top then top up to 23litres using the small bucket!! take the temp and a hydrometer reading and if its below 30degrees i sprinkle in the yeast and stir again, thats it!! couldnt be simpler!!


Welcome to my new blog folks!!

HI im bungle, im am a neewbie homebrewer from north manchester currently on my third kit brew.

so far i have successfully brewed a youngs yorkshire bitter kit, im conditioning a john bull bitter kit and am fermenting a coopers aussie lager kit!

ill share some pics and other interesting nuggets of info as i get them on here, but for now i suggest you go meet jim at jims beer kits..... the forum is awesome and so far has taught me loads!! cheers chaps!!