Sunday, 24 October 2010

Well, im in the bad books!!

The brewing is going well although due to a holiday and then being skint I haven't done one for a while!

Anyhow I finally got to put one in on Friday night, and showed a mate of mine how easy it is to do a kit brew as he was thinking of having a go himself! coopers dark, made with 500g of dark spraymalt and 700g of dextrose all mixed together gave me a nice SG of 1048.

Anyhow, 48 hours after the brewday i came downstairs to find this......

It seems I have had my first coopers explosion!! LOL. anyhow im in trouble as the wife had just put that tablecloth on the table the day i brewed....

ill be sure to tell you the outcome anyway, it smells SUPERB already!!



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